Mavia is a user-friendly way to connect with your car, your friends & family, and the world around you. Always know where your car is, if it’s healthy, and how you’re driving. At Mavizon, we’ve engineered, designed and built a small cellular device that plugs into any vehicle – years 1996 or newer.


Drive is a unique BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept that provides vehicle infotainment that you can take with you. Drive leverages your existing smart device to become an ‘intelligent driving assistant’, delivering the latest innovations in navigation, gesture controls, media & safety, in one simple solution.

Parenteen is a tool for teaching and encouraging responsible, safe teen driving. Parents no longer need to wonder where their child is or if they are practicing the driving skills they have been taught at home and school; with Parenteen, parents become virtual co-pilots who can guide their children to becoming good, confident drivers.