Mavia is an easy way to manage your car and life on the go. This app works as a companion to Mavia, a connected car device that plugs into the diagnostics port of your car. Feel free to download now and poke around, but remember that you’ll need to purchase and install Mavia in your car to fully take advantage of all the cool features in this app. Click the below link to download the app.




Take a deeper look at your driving habits and find ways to be more efficient. You can keep an eye on interactive analytic charts showing your car’s MPG performance, miles driven over time, and fuel consumption.



Always know where your car is, where it’s been, and plan for where you’ll take it next. Multiply the power of mavia by installing on your family fleet. Spouse lost on the way to an appointment? Daughter not answering her cell phone? Son should only drive close to home? Always find the people you care about.



Check engine light on? Don’t pay to have the code read by a mechanic. Now you can read it right from the myMavia iPhone app. From there, ask your Facebook friends for advice, learn more about the problem, or locate a nearby service center.


(+) Many More Features


Keeping up with your family gets even more useful when you start using geofences. Set up invisible boundaries around town and be alerted when a car you manage drives through one. Get a text message when your spouse is on the way home from work, or an iPhone in-app notification when your teen arrives at school or drives somewhere you don’t think they should be.


See where your Facebook, foursquare and mavia friends are and get driving directions to meet-up with them. Poll your social networks for advice on a diagnostic alert. Share your best (or worst) MPG reading.

Service Log

Stay on top of your car’s health with the interactive service log. You’ll be reminded when it’s time for an oil change or other scheduled maintenance.


Never forget to stop for milk again. Set up notification messages that will be sent to your phone as you drive by a selected area.