Parenteen is the result of our efforts to take the abstract out of the “connected car” by creating a simple, practical solution to solve real-world problems. We are all aware of the dangers new drivers face and the high risk they pose to themselves and others on the road, so we created Parenteen to address this growing problem. From the beginning, our primary objective was to create a product that would not only be “cool” by harnessing new and exciting technologies, but would have intrinsic value to parents who are concerned about their child becoming a good driver. Our goal is to create and promote unrivaled products and services that Parents can confidently use to train their children to be responsible, safe drivers.




Parenteen is a tool for teaching and encouraging responsible, safe teen driving. Parents no longer need to wonder where their child is or if they are practicing the driving skills they have been taught at home and school; with Parenteen, parents become virtual co-pilots who can guide their children to becoming good, confident drivers.

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